A truck is a significant financial investment. You probably use your truck to get around, do some work, or run errands. Keeping it running in peak condition means you’ll get to enjoy a smooth ride for a long time. An average truck runs for 100,000 miles, but with some care, you might hit the 200,000 miles mark without needing a new transmission or engine.

The following are some tips and tricks to get your used truck to 200,000 miles.

Essential Tips to Get Your Used Truck to 200,000 Miles

Check Your Driving Conditions

Having a checklist and going for a routine maintenance is important, but how you use your truck is what determines its longevity. Whether you’re driving off road, carrying heavy loads, or taking numerous short trips, the way you use your truck is what determines the type of maintenance it needs.

Go For a Wheel Alignment

Is your truck pulling to one side? It’s time for a wheel alignment.

Aggressive driving or driving over rough roads can lead to misalignment. Moreover, misaligned wheels tend to wear out a lot faster. Over time, this can lead to poor handling on the road as well as worse gas mileage. Have your mechanic check the pressure of your tires. To avoid vehicle pulling, ensure that your load is evenly secured and spread out across your bed.

Don’t Miss an Oil Change

Many manufacturers recommend getting an oil change every six months or after every 7500 miles If you have an older, high mileage truck, it’s best to change your oil and oil filter at the same time.

There are many kinds of oil geared toward increasing the life of an old engine. Be sure to check your owner’s manual to determine the best oil for your truck. The service department at your local dealership can also recommend the best type of oil.

Change Your Air Filter

Engines need clean air for them to function at their best. With extended use, engine air filters become clogged with chemical contaminants, debris, and dust. You should have your filter changed after 30,000 miles or if you drive your truck on dirt roads often.

Clean filters not only optimize an engine’s efficiency and acceleration, they also help your engine last longer.

Go for a Routine Inspection

Going for specified checks at a dealership you trust will keep your truck going for a long time. A trained technician will check your spark plugs, brake pads, and batteries to check for any issues. Having your truck inspected early can help you spot problematic areas earlier on, ensuring that you’re safe and that your truck runs for a long time.

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