Whether you’ve got a used or new car, a little maintenance goes a long way in keeping it running for years to come. Beyond scheduling your car for routine oil changes, there are many other hassle-free ways to extend the life of your vehicle. Get in the habit, know what to look for, and keep your car running smoothly with these tips.

8 Tips for Maintaining Your Used Car

Change your oil every three to six months

It is recommended that drivers should not drive more than 7,500 miles without an oil change, and should consider half that mileage for those driving shorter distances every day.

Check your car’s battery terminals and cables

Check to make sure there is no corrosion and that they are secure. For batteries that have fluid, refilling them every few months is a good idea.

Check your car’s fluids

This includes checking your brake fluid, wiper fluid, power steering, and radiator fluids. Some solutions may require different blends during colder months, so be sure to consult your manual. Keeping your car cool ensures proper lubrication and can help prevent major damage.

Routinely inspect and rotate your tires

Baldness on the inside or outside of your tires means they are losing traction. If the tires on the opposite side have a different tread, then you might consider purchasing new tires or getting an alignment. Also, keeping your tires properly inflated will get you better mileage and keep you safe.

Check your brakes for worn pads and linings

Brakes are your first line of defense everywhere you go and should be checked at least twice a year.

Pay attention to your dashboard safety features

If the “check engine” light comes on, don’t ignore it. Get your vehicle to a shop as soon as possible.

Keep your car clean

Having your car regularly washed, waxed, and vacuumed can keep your interior and exterior in great shape.

Schedule your vehicle for maintenance every three months

Trained professionals will be able to identify any issues you can’t see, and save you from bigger problems down the road. Going to the same mechanic ensures a good working relationship with those that know you and your vehicle personally.

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