You’ve been number-crunching and budgeting for your next car, but there’s one important thing you haven’t factored in yet: your current car’s trade-in value.

Being a responsible car owner not only improves the performance of your vehicle, but it also increases your chances of getting top-dollar for it when the time comes to swap it for something else.

At Car City Central, we provide fair trade appraisals and honest, competitive offers. We want to give your car the credit it deserves. That’s why we’re here to give you a heads up on things you should be doing to prep it for an ideal trade-in outcome. Read our list below.

3 Things You Should Be Doing to Get More for Your Trade-in

Staying up to date on your maintenance

The better your car has been taken care of, the more money it will be worth when it’s time to trade it in. Making sure you adhere to a maintenance routine goes a long way toward reducing wear and tear and extending the life of your car. That means oil changes, brake inspections, and tire pressure and tread checks are key. It’s helpful if you do these things regularly by following a schedule, but it’s also never too late to catch up before you trade in your vehicle.

Keeping your body in good shape

A car’s curbside appeal is responsible for first impressions. It’s of the utmost importance, then, to shore up any bodywork before you go to trade it in. Dents, dings, bumps, scratches, and windshield cracks and chips can all significantly reduce the value of your car. Having those imperfections buffed out will only add to your final trade-in figure.

Paying attention to the details

Car-buying is a big investment, so even the small things matter. Having a dingy, faded car can only hurt your chances of earning top-dollar. The good news is that even an old car can shine like new. You’ll want to have your vehicle washed and vacuumed to remove dust and stains.


And if you don’t want to pay for those services, detailing your car isn’t as hard as it looks.

Get the Most out of Your Trade at Car City Central

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