You probably get the itch to start spring cleaning your home and sprucing up your yard when warmer weather finally arrives. So why would you forget about your car? With road trips, vacations, and summer fun around the corner, it’s important to make sure your vehicle is refreshed and ready to go whenever adventure strikes.

Here are a few tips to get you started.

Your Spring Car Cleaning To-Do List


A vacuum, stain remover, and cleaning solution can help get your seats clean — but make sure you use right products for your seat fabric. You can also target small crumbs and debris trapped inside pesky cracks with a toothbrush.


Get rid of any trash that may have collected over the last couple of months. Throwing out empty bottles and bags makes your car look better instantly. If the floor mats are dirty, wash them as directed or replace them with new ones.


Your dashboard has probably collected a lot of dust during the winter. Detail your car with a vacuum to get rid of it, and use a small brush to clean in-between the air vents. Finish the job with some cleaning solution and a rag. While you’re working on the dashboard, take a minute to test out the A/C, too.


A car wash is just what your car needs for a spring refresh. Give some extra attention to the windshield and windows, making sure they’re free of smudges, stains, leaves, and other debris.


Don’t forget about what’s under the hood. Get an oil change and top off all your fluids, like the brake fluid and windshield wiper fluid, to prepare for the coming months.


Be sure to check out your brakes, steering, belts, and hoses for any potential issues. If your check engine light or any other indicators are on, take your car in for service. You don’t want to be on a summer road trip trying to find a mechanic.

Need Help with Spring Car Cleaning? Visit Car City Central

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