Your vehicle runs smoothly day after day thanks to a variety of systems working together under the hood. When one or more of these systems sense a fault or failure, a warning light will show up on your dashboard and indicate the specific area requiring service.

At Car City, our service center technicians can help tune-up your vehicle whenever a warning light comes on. Here are the most common dashboard warning lights on your vehicle.

Common Dashboard Warning Lights

Check Engine Light

The check engine light will turn on under a variety of circumstances. Because the engine is comprised of different parts, the problem can be difficult to determine just by popping the hood and taking a look. Maybe your catalytic converter is old and rusted. Maybe your gas cap is loose. Or maybe your oxygen sensor needs to be replaced.

The easiest solution is to bring your vehicle to our service center in Conway and hook it up to a code reader to find out what part of the engine needs to be fixed.

Battery/Charging Alert

The rechargeable battery in your car powers every electrical system, including the engine’s control computer, the radio, and the headlights. The battery light turning on can indicate a few things:

  • The battery charging system isn’t working.
  • The alternator is damaged or has failed.
  • Other connective components are loose, corroded, or broken.

If the light comes on while you’re driving, turn off any electrical accessories until you make it home or to our service center. You likely won’t be able to turn your car back on until the problem is fixed.

Coolant Temperature Warning

The coolant temperature light indicates that the vehicle’s engine is in danger of overheating, or that your coolant fluid levels are low and need to be refilled.

Refilling the coolant fluid can be done from home, but if the engine light stays on it should be taken to get checked out by a professional. If you continue to drive your vehicle with the coolant temperature warning light on, you run the risk of causing major damage to the engine.

Transmission Temperature

Transmission fluid helps to lubricate the vehicle systems when you shift gears. The transmission temperature light will turn on when this fluid overheats due to hot weather, excessive stop and go traffic, or a damaged transmission lubrication system.

If your transmission is overheating, the best place to get it checked out is at our service center.

Seek Auto Service at Car City in Conway, SC

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