At some point or another, there’s a good chance you’ll face a car maintenance issue. All the many parts and complex systems that make up your car naturally wear down with age and use. To help you figure out if it’s time to seek auto service in Conway, South Carolina, learn about some of the most common warning signs below.

3 Common Car Maintenance Warning Signs

Vehicle warning lights turn on

In most situations, your car will tell you when there’s something going on. Most dashboards have built-in indicator warning lights for things like airbags, open doors, tire pressure, oil levels, and engine trouble. If one or more of the lights comes on and stays on, it’s a good idea to schedule service.

Even if it ends up being nothing serious, it’s always better to err on the side of caution. Otherwise, the issue could worsen and cause a break-down. Your car might not be able to pass inspection if certain indicator warning lights are on.

Driving feels different

Since you drive your car almost every day, you’re familiar with how it handles and sounds. If something changes — whether suddenly or slowly over time — it’s a potential red flag. For example, if your brakes start squealing or feel spongy, the car likely needs a repair. Some other common issues include difficulty accelerating and pulling to one side. Not every odd sound or sensation is cause for concern, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Weird smells

Strange smells, especially burning smells, are another common red flag that it’s time for auto service. This could be anything from leaky fluids to a problem with the exhaust system. If you start noticing patterns with the smell and it doesn’t seem to resolve on its own, make an appointment to have your car looked at.

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