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Common Dashboard Warning Lights and How to Fix Them

Your vehicle runs smoothly day after day thanks to a variety of systems working together under the hood. When one or more of these systems sense a fault or failure, a warning light will show up on your dashboard and… Continue Reading →

4 Driving Tips for Traveling Safely With Pets in Your Car

Road trips are no fun if Fido and Felix can’t come. But before you load up your canine companion or feline friend in your vehicle, there are some precautions you should take to keep your pet safe during the drive…. Continue Reading →

Used Car Trade-In Value: What You Need to Know

You’ve been number-crunching and budgeting for your next car, but there’s one important thing you haven’t factored in yet: your current car’s trade-in value. Being a responsible car owner not only improves the performance of your vehicle, but it also… Continue Reading →

Due For an Oil Change? Here Are the Signs to Look For

Regularly changing the oil in your car can keep it running smoothly, improve gas mileage, and add years of life to the engine. But how can you tell when to change the oil? It’s recommended that drivers have their oil… Continue Reading →

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