Due For an Oil Change? Here Are the Signs to Look For

Regularly changing the oil in your car can keep it running smoothly, improve gas mileage, and add years of life to the engine. But how can you tell when to change the oil? It’s recommended that drivers have their oil… Continue Reading →

5 Reasons Why Regular Car Service Is so Important

Regular car service is imperative to keeping your vehicle running efficiently. Just like the human body, a car needs constant nurturing and care to keep it healthy and functioning properly. Below are five reasons why regular car service is so… Continue Reading →

Get a Great Car, Friendly Service, and Warranty Protection at Car City

Whether you’re buying your first car or have owned cars for decades, you can’t go wrong with a used vehicle from Car City. We provide quality pre-owned vehicles with friendly service and comforting warranty plans. Get Your Next High-Quality Used… Continue Reading →

5 Tips and Tricks to Get Your Used Trucks to 200,000 Miles

A truck is a significant financial investment. You probably use your truck to get around, do some work, or run errands. Keeping it running in peak condition means you’ll get to enjoy a smooth ride for a long time. An… Continue Reading →

3 Reasons You Should Stick to a Car Maintenance Schedule

Unless you’re a very hands-on type of person, car maintenance is the least fun part of owning a car. It’s a chore, much like mowing your lawn or doing the dishes. Like those chores, car maintenance is essential. Failing to… Continue Reading →

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